Name Department Title of the project Order No Funding agency Amount Year Status
Dr. K. Mohammed Ismail Zoology Isolation, purification and Characterization of adipokinetic neuropeptides from the rubber beetle Luprops tristis (Tenebrionidae: Coleoptera) MRP(S)- 303/08- 09/KLCA013 /UGC-SWRF UGC-minor Project 1,28,000 2009 Completed
Dr.Shaji. K Chemistry Oxidation of delta, gamma and beta amino acids with N-Bromo Succinimide - a kinetic study MRP(S)- 80/08- 09/KLCA013 /UGC- SWRO UGC-minor Project 85000 2009 Completed
Dr.P.Alikkutty Chemistry A study of savage and drinking water potentials of chitosan derivatives MRP (S)- 525/09- 10/KLCA01/ UGC-SWRO UGC-minorProject 95000 2009 Completed
Dr.Sameena Mathematics ‘Metric Properties of Fuzzy Graph and its Complement’ No:SR/WOS-A/MS- 16/2009 No:SR/WOS- A/MS- 16/2009 UGC-minor Project 2.4 Lakhs 2009 Completed
Haseena Beegum Arabic ‘The influence of gulf countries on Arabic learning in Kerala with special reference to Malappuram District’ MRP(H)- 1205/10- 11/KLCAO1 3/UGC- SWRO UGC Rs: 1,26000.00 2010 Completed
Dr. KP. Abdurahman Arabic ‘‘A study on Rawuthar Muslim group of Palakkad district’’ MRP(H)- 1205/10- 11/KLCAO1 3/UGC- SWRO UGC Rs: Rs: 50,000.00 2010 Completed
Jawahar Food Study on processing of kokum and its chemical composition MRP(S)566/0 UGC Rs: Rs: 90,000 2010 Completed
Hasker.E Food Prevention techniques for development of novel products from jackfruit MRP(S)566/0 UGC Rs: Rs: 95,000 2010 Completed
Dr. K.S. Anoop Das Zoology Developing a database on the select insect groups and evaluation of insects as bio- indicators of the ecosystem health in the Western Ghats F. No 39- 668/2010 (SR). UGC Major Project Rs: Rs: 5,08,300 2010 Completed
Dr. K.S. Anoop Das Zoology Evaluation of aquatic insect diversity in natural water-filled tree holes and their artificial analogues, in a tropical rainforest CEPF, USA USD 9860 2010 Completed
Dr. K.S. Anoop Das Zoology Strengthening capacity and awareness in the conservation of sacred groves in the Southern Western Ghats.” UNEP- Eco Peace Leadership Centre, South Korea. 4000 USD 2010
Dr. L.K Sreekala Zoology An investigation on the impact of pesticides in select groups of fishes in inland wetlands of Southern Western Ghats F. No 41- 55/2012(SR) UGC Major Project 10,88,300 2012 Ongoing
Prof. K.K Abida Zoology Evaluation of ecosystem services- a case study with pollinators of Papaya Carica papaya. F No 44- 87/2012(SR) UGC Minor Project. 88,000 2012 Completed
Rohini.C.K & Dr. K.S. Anoop Das Zoology An investigation on contemporary socio-ecological challenges in Nilambur and surrounding regions, in Kerala part of The Western Ghats, India. No.001/FSH P/11/KSCST Fellowship Programme for Rank Holders 8,00,000 2012 Completed
Prof. Mujeebu Rahiman.P Commerce A study on the scope and applications of cooperative Principles for establishing Islamic Financial Institutions in Kerala.. MRP(H)1897 /11- 12KLCAO13 /UGC- SWRO UGC 100000 2012 Completed
Alikutty T P Commerce Role of intereste free financial institution in the entrepreneurial development of kerala. UGC . 1,20,000 2012 Completed
Jamsheer.A.M Chemistry A study on the changes in the quality of natural rubber latex of different clones with seasonal changes MRPS- 1356/11- 12/KLCA013 /UGC- SWRO UGC . Rs.110000 2012 Completed
Sabique. MK Arabic ‘Human Psychology as explicated in Holy Quran with special reference to Transactional Analysis’ MRP(H)- 276/12- 13/KLCAO1 3UGC- SWRO UGC . Rs.Rs: 1,46,000.00 2013 Completed
Haseena Beegum Arabic Women in Higher Education: Need, Crisis, Social context and life space of women’ MRPS- 1356/11- 12/KLCA013 /UGC- SWRO Kerala State Higher Education Council . Rs.200000.00 2013 Completed
Sherin K Rahman English Hybridity, Politics and Arab Women’s Identity: A Study of Leila Aboulela’sMinaret and MohjaKahf’sThe Girl in Tangerine Scarf UGC . Rs.90,000 2013 Completed
Muhammed salim Economics Inward student mobility in higher education . Rs.1,00,000
Dr. K.S. Anoop Das Zoology HAquatic insect Project :Booster Grant IW/143/2014 Idea Wild, USA 6,50,615 2013 Completed
Mr Abdul Naser.U History ‘Historicising Tribal Life – A Case Study of Muthuvans of Malappuram District’ UGC . Rs.1,25,000. 2013 Ongoing
Dr. Sivadasan T.P History Worship, Folk art,Folk Song of Mannans from 1800-AD- 1947 AD MRP(H)13- 14/KLCA035 /UGC- SWRO/15/1 2/14 UGC . Rs.1,20,000 2013 Completed
Jeemol.P.A Chemistry Synthesis and Photo physical studies of flouranthene and triphenylene derivatives. MRP(S)13- 14/KLCA013 /UGC- SWRO UGC . Rs.2,00,000 2013 Completed
Abdul Vahid. K Arabic ‘Minority politics: A new interpretation by Kerala Muslims and Role of Ulama (Religious scholars) in it’ UGC . Rs.10,000.00 2014 Completed
Sajithamohan.M Economics Female Enrolment In Higher Education UGC . Rs.1,35,000 2014 Completed
Dr. P. K Babu English Translating V.K.N by T.N Prakash SAC.5043/14 /11498 SahythyAcad- emy . Rs.5000 2014 Completed
Dr. K.S Anoop Das & Dr. P. Balakrishnan Zoology Identification of indicator species for special conservation efforts: In India High Range Munnar Landscape Project, Govt. of India 87493/ Dated 27.11.2014 UNDP/GoI Rs.15,86,650 2014 Completed
Sulfi.P Commerce A study on financial literacy among rural people of Malappuram district MRP/14- 15KLCAO13 UGC-SWRO UGC . Rs.1,40,000 2014 ongoing
Shafeeque V Political Science Challenges to the reintegration of return migrants :a case study of malappuram district ROMRP- SWRO- POLI-2015- 16-35275 UGC . Rs.1,55,000 2015 ongoing
Shafeeque Political Science Return Migrants and reintegration 1164/proje ct/14 Directorate of minority welfare . Rs.10,000 2015 Completed
Divin Murukesh & Dr. K.S Anoop Das Zoology Life history traits of three sypatric Bulbus F.No.1760/A 1/2014/KSB B KSBB . Rs.4,32,000 2015 ongoing
Prajith. K.K. & Dr. K.S Anoop Das Zoology Diversity patterns of Ants in Silent Valley F.No.1760/A 1/2014/KSB B KSBB . Rs.4,32,000 2015 ongoing
Shajitha .A Mathematics Application of finite fields 2231- MRP/15- 16KCLAO13 /UGC- SWRO UGC . Rs 1-3 lakhs 2016 ongoing
Hasker E Formulation and shelf life studies of jiggery based sweet (base sweet) and its utilization for various food preparations (student project) 45/SPYTis- ll/2016/KCS TE KCSTE . Rs.10,000 2016 Ongoing